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Piet Oudolf and Roy Diblik chosen to lead design team in landmark garden restoration.

Piet Oudolf is known for creating artistic, bold swaths of color and exciting textures in his landscapes. His gardens contain year-round interest with bloom succession, flower and foliage color, and fantastic plant combinations. Both Oudolf and fellow plantsman Roy Diblik believe in sustainable gardening practices emphasizing ‘right plant, right place’ and building healthy soil. The garden will favor regionally durable perennials and native plants that live well together, along with grasses and bulbs.

The Sears Sunken Garden multi-disciplinary design team includes:

  • Designer Piet Oudolf
  • Designer Roy Diblik, Northwind Perennial Farm
  • Annamaria Leon, Homan Grown L3C
  • Landscape Architect Chris Gent
  • Architect Odile Compagnon
  • Historic Preservation Consultant Lynette Stuhlmacher, Red Leaf Studio, Inc.
  • Specialists in lighting, water features, and civil engineering will be joining the design team as needed
Master Plan Concept

Community-driven design.

The Sears Sunken Garden design team has been chosen for their ability to collaborate and take this special project through a participatory design process involving the community at various stages. Since 2020, over 150 people have participated in online and in-person engagement and design sessions to provide input on plant selection, water features and signage, guiding the work of the design team.

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